Major reasons of hair fall that you should know to treat hairfall effectively

Major reasons of hair fall

Hair loss is a major problem nowadays. Not only aged persons but young ones are also facing this issue. We try different kind of shampoos , oils , lotions to overcome hair fall. But do you know one treatment which prove miracle for one person could prove totally uneffective for other. Do you know why ? Because there are multiple causes of hair fall and treatment should be according to the cause. So, before trying any remedy you should know the reason. I believe you have definitely asked yourself this question “Why is my hair falling out ? How to stop hair fall ? What are the causes of hair fall? “. If you want to know the reason then you have visited right blog. In this article I will discuss about various major reasons of hair fall that you should know.

Major reasons of Hair Fall


Hair fall could be in your genes. If this problem is in your family then there is a high chance that you will face it to. Pattern baldness like male pattern baldness is major cause of genetics. It can’t be cure permanently but it can be controlled or delayed by blocking hormone (DHT) responsible for pattern baldness. DHT blockers like flaxseeds, chiaseeds can stop pattern baldness. The enzymes present in these seeds block the hormones which trigger hair fall.


Yes this is major reason of hair fall.Even a physically healthy person can face hair loss due to stress. No matter how you care your hair. Stress can turn your soft, shinier healthy looking hair into dull and dry one which can further lead to hair fall. So, try to live stress free life. I know it’s not a easy thing to do, but at least you can try. Do meditation, spent time with your loved one’s, listen music, watch your favourite serials, give some time to your hobbies. I know you will find the best way for yourself to defeat stress.

Skin Infection

You need fertile land to grow crop. The same thing is applicable for hair. Our hair get all nutrition it need from scalp. But if your scalp is infected it will definitely effect hair growth. Skin infections like eczema, psoriasis, dandruff can trigger hair fall. So treat scalp infections first.

Excessive Use Of Chemical And Heat On Hair

Have you ever read ingredients before using any shampoo or lotion ? Do you know which chemicals are used to make a hair product ? If no, then you are destroying your hair by your own hand. These chemical based products remove moisture from the scalp which result in dryness, dandruff, split ends, hair hall. I am not saying every product is harmful but one should use according to hair type or ask the your dermatologist for guidance that which product can suit your hair and how many times a week you can use it rather than using any product by just watching ad. Same thing goes to heating tools. Remember this old saying “Excess of everything is harmful”.

Nutritional Deficiency

Our body muscles, bones need nutrition to grow and to become strong so do our hair. Hair need protein, iron, calcium, fatty acids for growth. In lack of these essential nutrients hair fall will definitely occur. So a good and healthy diet is necessary to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions like hormonal changes, improper working of thyroid gland, body weakness, illness, some treatment like chemotherapy can cause hair fall. In woman pregnancy and problem like PCOD can trigger hair loss. So without treating these problems any hair treatment would not work effectively.

Weak Digestion

Can you get maximum mileage from your vehicle if engine is not working properly ? I believe No. In the same way how your body can get all essential nutrients from food if your body can’t digest it properly. With weak digestion you are just filling your empty stomach not getting any nutrients from food. So good digestion is must to absorb all the nutrients from the food you are eating. Blood will supply these nutrients as well as oxygen to hair follicles resulting in healthy and bouncy hair. Without proper feeding of nutrients to your hair you can’t stop hair fall no matter what you do.

So I have discussed about all major reasons of hair fall in detail. I am sure that this article will certainly help in clearing your doubts about hair fall and it’s treatment.

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