Dry Hair | Causes of dry hair and methods to fix it at home

Causes of dry hair

When hair do’t get moisturized properly they start loosing their natural shine and softness which results in dry and frizzy hair. And the question is why moisture in hair vanish. There are number of causes of dry hair. The main reason is shortage of supply of oil to the hair roots.The sebaceous gland connected with hair follicles produce sebum (oil) which lubricates scalp as well as hair. But when the function of sebaceous gland get interrupted it produce less sebum thus our hair start looking dry and frizzy. The reasons are described below which interrupt sebaceous gland working. Cause of Dry hair - Sebaceous gland

Causes of Dry Hair :

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Deficiency of Nutrients
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Chemical Based Products
  • Heat Styling Tools
  • Atmosphere
  • Medications

Causes of oily hair

How to fix dry hair :

Stop washing hair everyday

If you are washing your hair every day then stop doing it immediately as chemicals you are using can extract natural oil from scalp and hair. Without natural oil your hair will lost its shine and will look dry and dull , worst of this is it can also lead to itchiness in your scalp and dandruff.

Stop using chemicals on hair excessively

The products you are using to give volume and bounce to your hair can also become cause of its dryness. So prevent yourself from over usage of these products. This is the one of the main cause of dryness.

Keep distance from heating tools

To style our hair we use heating tools. But these tools like hair straightener, hair dryer can also effect the moisture present in the hair. If you are facing issues like dry hair, split ends, itchiness in scalp then these heating tools could be the reason.

Eat healthy diet

Moisturize your hair internally. To do this eat healthy food specially those which are enriched with vitamin B and C. Drink coconut water it will moisturize your skin and fight dry hair.

Do Exercise

Yes, exercise can also help to improve health of your hair. By doing exercise you are increasing blood flow towards scalp. More blood flow means more supply of oxygen as well as nutrients to hair follicles. With time your scalp will start working natural again.

Natural Remedies of Dry Hair


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