Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) For Hair

Benefits of amla for hair

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is one of the best source to give nourishment to hair. No matter what type of hair you have it is beneficiary for each and every one. Not only hair but it is also effective for skin problems like dryness, dandruff etc. Due to some reasons like nutritional deficiency, busy lifestyle, climate change, excessive use of chemicals and heat products our bouncy and shiny hair turns into dry and damaged hair. There are numerous benefits of amla (Indian Gooseberry)for hair.

To overcome these hair issues amla plays a vital role. Even in Ayurveda numerous benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) have been explained for hair. Amla is also considerd as best anti-ageing fruit. Just include this into your food in any form you will be amazed by result.

These light green marble like berries are bitter and sour to taste. Amla contains phenol, tannin, calcium, protein and different types of antioxidants.
A single amla contains 20 times more vitamin c than an orange. That’s why it is also known as super fruit.

Benefits Of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) For Hair

Amla Prevent Hair fall

Amla directly work on the hair roots. It provide strength to hair follicles and make hair strong. Amla helps to produce more keratin (a type of protein with which hair are made up off )to make hair long and strong. It repairs the hair strands and make them lively again

Treats Dandruff

If you are suffered with dandruff, dryness, itchiness than start using amla. Vitamin C present in amla heals skin and remove dead skin cells. Itchiness occurs
due to flaking of dead skin cells. The antioxidants and antibacterial properties of amla rejuvenate scalp and improve blood flow towards hair follicles. Not only scalp but it also work effectively on other body parts.

Add shine to hair

Nutrients available in it help sebaceous gland produce sebum effortlessly. Sebaceous gland is attached to hair follicles. The sebum produced by this gland act as cover for hair strands. This moisturize the hair strands as well as scalp and add shine to them. This sebum also protects hair and skin from damage occur due to heat and humidity.

Stop Premature Graying of hair

Premature graying of hair is common problem nowadays. But this problem can be overcome by including amla in day to day life. It contains all essential nutrients required for production of melanin. Lack of this mineral result in premature graying of hair.

Other benefits of Amla:

  • Detoxify Liver
  • Increase productions of white blood cells and improves immunity.
  • Improve metabolism and bowl movements
  • Rejuvenate skin add shine and make it soft.

How to use Amla for benefits

Include it in your diet

As said earlier this super fruit tastes bitter and sour. You can take it as pickle. To prepare it take a pan add oil in it. Add amla, salt and other ingredients according to your taste OR another simple method is boil amla add salt and this super fruit is ready to eat. 2 to 3 pieces of it everyday is recommended for best results. One interesting fact about it is that if you drink water after eating this bitter fruit the water will taste sweet. Try it.

You can also take it in juice form. It’s juice is easily available in market. You can also prepare it at home. Add 2 table spoon of amla juice to equal amount of water and drink it. Do it everyday.

Benefits of Amla Oil For Hair

Amla oil is easily available in market. Just keep one thing in mind that it should be in pure form. Amla oil should be additive free.

To prepare amla oil at home follow these steps

  • Take 10 fresh amla and wash it with water
  • After that take 1 litre coconut oil, pour it in pan and put this on flame.
  • Add amla in this oil and keep stirring it for some time.
  • Turn off flame when amla change it’s color from light green to golden brown.
  • Let the oil cool for some time, after that put this oil in glass jar.

    How to use Amla Oil

  • Apply amla oil on scalp. Gently massage scalp with your fingers for some time.
  • ¬†After that put a shower cap or towel on head for an hour or two.
  • Best thing will be if you keep it overnight. In the morning wash hair with some mild shampoo.
  • Repeat it atleast thrice a week for best results.
  • Remember it can take 3 to 6 months to change hair condition from worst to best.

This is all about Amla and it’s benefits for hair. Try these steps and you will amazed from it. Do check my other articles on hair.

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