7 effective ways to Stop Hair fall | Regrow Hair naturally

Hair fall natural remedies

Hair fall has become common problem nowadays. Some people in 30 or even some in 20 face this problem. The reason can differ in person to person. Here, I will tell you 7 natural methods to reverse hair fall and make your hair strong from roots. If you start doing these steps daily I can assure you that it will definitely generate positive results. These methods are also equally effective for other hair issues. But keep in mind that each step is necessary. One step fulfills other. Remember these methods are not a magic that it will start showing results the very next moment. It can take some time depend from person to person.

Effective natural methods to stop hair fall and regrow hair

Steps To Reverse Hair Fall and Regrow Hair

Do Exercise

You should do exercise. Now you may be thinking why I am saying so.The reason behind this is that exercise will increase blood flow towards scalp which means your scalp is getting more oxygen and nutrients which are necessary for hair growth. I will suggest you to do running and perform yoga poses like Head Stand, Utthanasana (Standing Forward Bend), Adho Mukho Savasana (Downward Dog Pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand), Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose) followed by breathing exercise and meditation. Trust me it really works .This is the first and important step to regrow hair and stop hair fall.

Improve Digestion

Exercise will increase blood flow towards hair but if your blood lack with nutrients which are necessary to regrow hair this is of no use. Although you are taking healthy diet but if your body can’t absorb nutrients from the food you are eating then you had just wasted energy while preparing and consuming it. To improve digestion consume food enriched with fiber, drink plenty of water and do exercise as it will increase your metabolism. Remember hair needs nutrients to grow, to become strong and healthy.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) and Aloevera Juice

These two can do miracle to hair. Both of them are great source of vitamins and amino acids.There anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties help to maintain overall scalp health.Drink 15 to 20 ml of both Aloevera and Indian Gooseberry juice daily. You can buy these from local or online market and can also prepare at home, choice is yours.

Take Flax-seeds and Chia-seeds

These come enriched with fiber, protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, lignan among other nutrients and minerals. These seeds will make your hair strong and soft. These two are very beneficial to counter pattern baldness the main reason for baldness. Make these seeds as part of your diet . One important thing do’t consume flax seeds and chia seeds more than a tablespoon. Chew them properly to get maximum benefits or soak them in water before consuming them. You can take them with cereal, bread, yogurt or make some smoothies. Search recepies on internet.

Rinse your scalp with this magic water

To make this magic water take equal proportion of dry Indian gooseberry (Amla), False Daisy(Bhringraj), Curry Leaves and Acacia concinna (Shikakai). You can also use them in powder form. Soak them in water for a whole night in a glass bowl (iron bowl will be preferred but never use plastic one). Rinse your scalp with this water daily or at least every other day. This will give strength to your hair roots and your hair will become strong and shiny.

Massage your scalp with oil only if

Maybe you have read in magazines and websites or heard from others that oil message will give boost to hair growth. True, but if your hair are not strong enough to bear the force that you are generating while massaging scalp then more hair will break. So, make your hair strong first with the methods described above than do massage.

Live Stress Free Life

Yes, I know its easy to say but very hard to live stress free. Stress can be the reason for your hair loss. Stress makes large number of hair follicles into resting phase resulting in hair fall. Nature is the best healer try to spend some time with it. Give some time to your hobbies, meditate, listen your favourite music, spend time with your loved ones. I know you will find the way to counter stress.

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  1. I am facing hairfall from last 2 years. I will start following your tips from today and tell you if I am getting any results or not after 3 months. Wish me luck 😊

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